Get to know the Woman behind the design

Laura began her gardening journey 15 years ago.
After beginning therapy to aid in her recovery from depression, post traumatic stress and an assortment of other disorders stemming from severe childhood abuse, Laura found gardening to be a very therapeutic way to calm her anxious mind and get relief from a long term, depression that left her barely able to function. I Leap Award
What began as a treatment quickly became a hobby and it wasn’t long before the hobby turned into a money-making enterprise as friends and neighbors requested gardens for themselves after seeing her work.
Laura received certification as a Master Gardener through the University of California Cooperative Extension in 2008. Master Gardener Association of San Diego County To date, she has volunteered hundreds of hours of her time and expertise to this organization and continues to participate in Advanced Horticultural Education through the UCCE.
Her husband, Greg, joined the business after securing his C-27 landscape contractor certification in 2009 and with license in hand, Design for Serenity was born!
Succulents became an obsession and an integral part of her design aesthetic after her daughter, Elizabeth, gifted her with Debra Lee Baldwin’s book Succulent Container Gardens,on Mother’s Day in 2010. Laura was amazed by the potential that these plants offered, not only for toughness in the landscape, but also for texture and color!

Today, Laura travels the world sharing her passion for succulents with Floral Designers, Landscape Architect’s, Horticultural Students and Garden Clubs. Her work is featured regularly in books and magazines and with her popular “Succulent Tip of the Day” Vlog , the growth of her social media following is astounding.
Laura’s greatest joy is found in designing and installing her Succulent Tapestries, and her deepest desire is to make the world a more beautiful place, one garden at a time.