Live Succulent Tapestry Installation!

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Event Info & Registration

Hello again! On Saturday, June 27th from 10am – 1pm, I will be conducting a live Succulent Tapestry installation at a lovely home in Thousand Oaks, CA. This event will be an opportunity for enthusiasts and landscape design professionals alike to see firsthand the transformation of a tired planter bed into a living work of drought-tolerant art. I recently participated in a similar event with the Queen of Succulents herself, Debra Lee Baldwin, in her incredible garden in San Diego. These opportunities do not come frequently, so don’t miss out!

The event will include light snacks and refreshments for all, as well as a small container and supplies with which to make your own small Succulent Tapestry to take home with you.

The cost of this event is $85, payable via PayPal or any major credit card. There is a link just below to complete the registration and payment.


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[responsive]Thousand Oaks Tapestry Install[/responsive]

Bay Ho, San Diego Tapestry Project

Hey gang, we just wanted to keep you up to date on the Bay Ho project. It came out fantastic and our client couldn’t be happier with the results!

If your wondering how we did it, well we first whitewashed the existing brick retaining wall to give a softer, more organic look.

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We then converted existing spray irrigation to subterranean drip which is more efficient.

Then, two yards of topsoil were added to create gentle hills and valley’s though out the design.

Boulder placement was next with plant groupings to follow.

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The water now goes exactly where we want it with no more evaporation or runoff.

Then a flagstone pathway was woven though the installation.

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TIP: Before doing any planting, it is best to stage all your plants to

make sure your plant placement looks right and balanced for

your design.

4 IMG_3879

The finishing touches included the introduction of ten different types of rocks and pebbles.


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And waala! we have a beautiful tapestry!

6 Bayho

Here are some closeups!!!!

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