Great Article on Lawn Reduction in the West!

Succulent Lovers and Water Conservationists!

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This article, titled “Succulents and Wildflowers Leave Water-Wasting Lawns in the Dust,” written by Heather Kathryn Ross and published on is a wonderful testament to the growing interest in lawn reduction or removal and the possibilities of creating a gorgeous, waterwise garden instead. With so many options of colors, styles, sizes, textures, etc., of succulents they’re use in California these days is really a no-brainer.

We are happy to make daily, positive contributions to the water conservation efforts in California and are even happier to see how Californians in general are making great efforts to do the same. By using a variety of succulents and other plants that drink responsibly, beautiful rocks, boulders and decomposed granite, we are able to accomplish the task of water conservation while still creating beautiful gardens for our clients.


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Let’s keep up the good work, California!