Exclusive Presentation at Village Garden Club of La Jolla

From The Village Garden Club of La Jolla’s Website:

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Join award winning landscape designer, Laura Eubanks as she shares her secrets of creating gorgeous succulent tapestries in the garden. Her action-packed and inspiring presentation will both delight and inspire you and is a must see for any succulent or floral design enthusiast. Laura’s presentation will inspire you to turn your garden spaces into works of living art!

Laura Eubanks is an award winning succulent designer and Master Gardener whose work has been featured in books, magazines, television, YouTube and at numerous local events throughout San Diego County and beyond. She recently returned from Brazil where she was a guest instructor at the International Floral Academy in Sao Paulo. Laura is a featured designer in Debra Lee Baldwin’s latest book, Succulents Simplified and as the pioneer of the moss and glue technique, she is the creator of the Succulent Topped Pumpkin and the iconic ‘Roberto’ the Succulent Alligator. Laura also inspires homeowners and garden enthusiasts worldwide with her unique approach to succulent design. Working with a combination of cuttings, rooted plants and succulent ‘compatibles’, Creating Succulent Tapestries in the Garden is revolutionizing the design community and offers a gorgeous solution to gardening responsibly through the ongoing drought crisis.

Design For Serenity at ExpoFlora 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil

Laura is off to South America again on May 29th. In addition to teaching her Moss and Glue technique to a group of international students, she will be leading a separate group of landscape architects in the installation of the first ever succulent themed landscape exhibit at ExpoFlora in Holombra, Brazil, located within the state of São Paulo. This event is visited annually by 350,000 people and Laura will be the first international guest invited to exhibit at this huge gardening event!

Last year’s ExpoFlora was a great success for the organizers and for all in attendance. Please take a look at some of the photos from the event here on ExpoFlora’s Facebook page!

[three_fourth][responsive]Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 5.31.13 AM[/responsive][/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]We’re looking forward to another great seminar![/one_fourth_last]